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Reframing Your Relationship With Money – Part 2

November 29, 2022

Part two of reframing your relationship with money focuses on how our unconscious money beliefs are formed, in particular Snapshot Beliefs (04:15) and Accumulated Money Beliefs (10:20).

There are three exercises for you to completed, which can be found in the workbook that you can download below.

Exercise One: Money Memories

Your relationship with money was created from your personal history. Budgets, discipline and money advice cannot heal it. Only you can heal it, by going back through your history. This exercise will help you determine if you have a negative money memory that has led to an unconscious money belief.

  1. Can you recall a negative money memory from your childhood? This could be a memory of spending, giving, receiving, overhearing a conversation about money, etc. Take a few minutes to describe the memory, including how you felt about the experience. For example, did you feel hurt, angry, helpless, misunderstood?
  2. Thinking about this money memory, what did you learn about money, receiving, giving, or relationships in that moment? Is this a belief that you have carried with you into adulthood? Can you see any patterns of behavior that emerged from this belief? Looking back with adult eyes, what meaning do you make now that can replace your earlier belief?

You can repeat this exercise with other money memories.

Exercise Two: Draw a Picture

Drawing allows you to get to the essence of what you feel, fear or desire. It activates the right brain where intuition and whole-thinking come from. This is why drawing is a powerful way to uncover what is lingering in your subconscious. This exercise will help you identify any accumulated money beliefs you acquired when growing up.

  1. Draw a picture of how you felt in your family as a child. Did you feel seen, heard, accepted, loved, wanted? Think of an image or scene that encapsulates this feeling.
  2. Reflect on how your emotional experience as a child affects the way you see yourself and the impact it’s had on your beliefs and behaviour around work and success.

Exercise Three: List your accomplishments

You are constantly evolving. You are not the person you were just a few years ago. Recalling your experience & expertise helps you focus on your strengths, and reminds you that you can grow into new opportunities. This exercise will help you begin to reframe any accumulated money beliefs you acquired when growing up.

  1. List all the skills, abilities and achievements you’ve acquired, developed and accomplished over the years, both professional and personal.

Next Steps

Pay attention to how you are feeling. These exercises may have stirred up memories and emotions that you haven’t experienced and felt in a long time. Give yourself time to let these feelings arise. Try not to push them down or avoid them.

Click on ‘Resources’ for further information on what steps you can follow on your journey. Alternatively, I’ve included some suggestions on the last page of the workbook.